Friday, September 20, 2013

The Judge, The Henchman, and the Hangman

In the movie End of the Game it was said “When humans determine themselves the fate of others they become the judges, and when they become the instrument of others they become the henchmen.”

Earlier this year, my husband was added to the long list of employee casualties by City of Wylie management.  What happened to him was a politically motivated attack planned and orchestrated by the Judge, the Henchman, and the Hangman.  We have become aware that this has been happening since these 3 like-minded individuals moved into positions where they could collectively make such things happen--as far back as 2001.  They have worked together, they have had help from others in various departments and it is being done for their own selfish benefits and to prevent anything being exposed by anyone outside their tight circle. If they think an employee may know something they deem objectionable, their well orchestrated plans have been devised to quickly usher them out the door.  In this At Will state, you are hard pressed to disprove the devastating fabrications and false allegations that they scheme.  The reasons given for dismissal of my husband and many of the former employees have been insubordination, abuse of power, violation of the chain of command, and/or violations to the code of conduct/ethics code established for the employees.  I want to note here that unlike the employees, the Mayor and Council have not had an established Code of Conduct/Ethics since 2005.

We have had people calling that have known us well that began seeking their own answers in this debacle.  They have wanted to make some sense out of what they have heard and to determine just why this happened.  I have told people over and over that I do not want what is being done to us to “wash over on them” and I truly am afraid that our friends could suffer in the backlash against us.  Former employees started calling to tell us the “real” story behind their leaves from the City of Wylie.  One by one, these employees have dropped through the trap door of the hangman’s scaffold and fell silent.  We have all been “gagged” by threats serious enough that everyone’s silence is always the result.  The Mayor told my husband and I the story that everyone would be told about Dwight’s leave from Wylie.  It was shocking to sit in his church office for his arranged meeting and have him tell a devastating and completely fabricated story.  When I said “that is not true”, he looked me in the eyes and asked “Who are they going to believe.... you or a Pastor?  Everyone knows that pastors don’t lie and before this is over, even your Crafters will hate you.”  Yes, Wylie’s Mayor/Pastor/Wordsmith and former EDS/Hewlett Packard Human Resource Director and Chief Information Officer knows how to exact character assassination.  They have made all efforts to keep his promise of destruction.  They want us to silently take leave of Wylie as most of their victims before us.  We have been abiding by the gag rules so we could find employment, continue our witness in town, and leave Wylie not by their timetable, but in the Lord’s time.  There is still much for us to do in our little hometown that we truly love and call home.  Dwight and I have continued trusting and living by faith during these difficult times and have now chosen to step out in our faith with the truth.  Our prayer is that what happened to us and too many before us, will not ever happen again at the City of Wylie.  To be continued………. 

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