Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shalom...Peace Be Unto You....

We went to see friends off on their mission trip to Israel this morning.  As I write this, they are probably half way into their 20 hour flight to Israel.  The team was met by well wishing friends extending Shalom and offering up prayers for them all.  As the van pulled out of the First Baptist Event Center parking lot, I felt as if each of them were leaving on a mission for us all. 

Debra T. is the team leader for the Israel trip and she has come to love the Israeli people and the country of Jesus’s birth with an awe inspiring passion.  I expect one day to pick up the phone to hear her say, “My bags are packed and I am moving”.  When that happens, we shall tearfully, yet gleefully bid her Shalom.  After all, Israel is the place where she has found her roots and hence the yearning in her heart “to go back” is a natural feeling.  

As “grafted in” Gentiles into the family of God, the everlasting covenant given to Abraham is ours too—our everlasting heavenly home with Him.  Grafted In: Israel, Gentiles and the Mystery of the Gospel” by D. Thomas Lancaster is a very good book that answers questions about the inclusion and relationship of Gentiles with the people and land of Israel.  As in Psalm 122:6, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem....  

Dwight and I extend our wish of Shalom to you all.

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