Sunday, March 9, 2014

And the Two Were One

Well, the Primary Election is behind us and it was great working and seeing so many in the community come and exercise their right to cast their votes.  Your voice and every vote always matters.  The last hours of Election Day with long lines and standing room only were encouraging and I only wish that the days of Early Voting had seen such numbers. 

Since I am not out in the Wylie community working any longer, this gave me the opportunity to see many friends and acquaintances that I had not seen in awhile.  As I visited with Pete and Sue Nicklas, I shared that I had known Sue longer than anyone in Wylie.  At that revelation, Sue quickly said, “That’s because there is no one older than me in Wylie”.  Of course everyone knows that is not true.  Sue is not only “young” in body and soul, but also in her spirit.  When I was first around Sue, I was two years old and she and my cousin Manya were school girls.  Sue and I “shared” our cousin Manya, so I guess we are “cousins-in-law” if there is such a term.  We were each perched on a limb of our family tree—not just on different limbs, but on different trees respectively.  My Bootsie (Manya’s mother) was Daddy’s cousin and she kept me during the days from the time I was two until I started school.  Manya and Sue were not only cousins on her dad’s side of the family, but they were best friends too. As a little girl, I suffered from “hero” worship as I adored Manya and Sue and I am sure I was not really a welcome ‘Musketeer’ in their BFF equation.  However, I never remember them making me feel unwanted when they were together.

Now what is funny about this is when Sue first connected the dots of the little curly haired shadow of her past to the woman of today and how I fit into her life too.  Sue’s last memory of me as one of the Musketeers was at Manya’s wedding.  We played ‘Maid of Honor’ and ‘Flower Girl’ to Manya the Bride.  And when Sue married Pete, he swept her off her feet to California where they lived for years.  It was sometime in the 1990’s at a “Kay John’s Prayer Conference” that I first saw Sue again.  And then when Dwight and I joined First Baptist Wylie in 2003, our lives once again crossed. 

It was probably four years later, before the dots were connected for Sue.  It was the night of the celebration of Manya and Dennis’ 50th Wedding Anniversary.  There was a huge crowd and we were all visiting and reminiscing over the times and looking through the story of their life together in the pictures of their five children and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  They had the home movie playing that captured the moments of the wedding and all of us in the wedding party.  As we sat having dinner, we watched the wedding procession and those in the wedding were asked to stand up and we were introduced to everyone that night.  When Manya introduced me, that was Sue’s “moment of revelation”--I was the same little curly haired girl that she had known from years ago and yet she had NOT known me except for who I am today.  And she did not know that who I am today is in part who she and Manya were to me all those years ago.  In my “hero worship” what I liked about them, I tried to emulate.

A couple of years ago, Dwight and I were regularly going to Pete and Sue’s for Bible Study.  At that time, Dwight picked up mannerisms and little nuances that Sue and I share.  Yet they are not NEW, they go back for years, to the past of a tiny little girl wanting to be like the two “older” girls that she adored.  I am glad that I picked them and My Bootsie (she is now home with the Lord) as role models for all three proved to be incredible women that have mentored to many throughout their lives.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bless them and use them in their fruit bearing ways of mentoring to all the children in their lives—known and unknown, for we never know who is watching, listening and emulating us.  And may this be food for thought to us all...let our ways be pleasing to Him so that those that should be following us are also pleasing Him in their walk.    

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